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BGX Series Coater (Automatic Spray Gun Adjustment)
The BGX series coater is easy and safety to operate, intelligent and convenient use, stable process, high production effeciency, and low consumption of coating materials and energy. The entire equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel, with all corner arc transitions, no dead corners, easy to clean, and exquisite polishing. It can fully comply with the FDA/GMP requirements.

1. Automation

Automatic feed in and out

Automatic adjustment of spray gun injection angle

On-line laser ranging

2. High airtight

The whole welding process of the main frame has no risk of leakage

All operating doors are airbag sealed, leak alarm automatically and inflate


The whole frame has no splicing and gaps

The roller adopts a new technology — cantilever structure, no front support

Spray ball layout is reasonable, no dead angle

4. Industrial design

The appearance of the host is ergonomic

5. Maintenance free

Modular maintenance-free

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