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If you would like to become an importer/distributor of our products and join the growth adventure in emerging markets,you are welcome to contact us.
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We're always on the lookout for the right partners to help us grow,from supplying machines to bringing Canaan to every corner of the world.
Why should you choose to stock Knightool?
Are you looking to partner with an innovative,quality-orientated pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer.with whom you can deal directly and who can tailor their products to your customers'exact needs (quantity permitting)?

We are actively looking for distributors who value partnerships that offer you the benefits of:

Satisfied customers:our quality products and agile service mean satisfaction for your customers first time,every time Good margins,reliable service:a direct relationship with us means a better profit margin for you, as well as guaranteed reliability of quality and delivery,through a fully transparent supply chain

Repeat business:our innovative approach and active R&D mean that there is always a reason for your customers to return to you to experience the latest in pharmaceutical equipment technology.
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our mission is to strive for human health around the globe with the help of world-class partners that share our vision and values.
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