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Purified water generator

Purified water generator


    City water as the feed water is supplied into the purified water generator. The typical process of the purified water generator includes multimedia filter, activated carbon filter, softener filter, reverse osmosis and electro-deionization unit. The quality of purified water meets the requirement of China, Europe and US pharmacopeia.

    1. Modular design, compact structure, simple and fast field installation

    2. Advanced Automatic Control, Stable and Reliable Operation

    3. Double softening series, alternating regeneration, effective control of microorganisms

    4. No intermediate water tank design to avoid secondary pollution risk

    5. The method of disinfection is free and flexible

    6. Double water supply and unique recycling methods to prevent the breeding of micro-organisms throughout the system

    7. Constant pressure control to prevent system pressure from being too high in the cycle state and extend EDI's service life

    8. The recovery rate of reverse osmosis system can be adjusted automatically, or the concentrated water recovery device can be selected to save energy greatly

    9. Flexibility water supply, reduce downtime, save energy and improve equipment life


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