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  • Pharmaceutical Water System
  • Pharmaceutical Water System
Pharmaceutical Water System

Pharmaceutical Water System


    Pharmaceutical Water System

    Purifie Water Generator

    Project management

    Seconday design

    3D design and dynamic simulation

    Module construction & execution

    Validation service & document

    Main pharmaceutical water system

    Purified water generator

    Distilled water generator

    Pure steam generator

    CIP & SIP system

    Preparation system for chemical pharmacy and tranditional chinese medicine

    Preparation aystem for vaccine/McAb/insuline/blood products

    what is pharmaceutical water system

    Water is an essential ingredient to pharmaceutical manufacturing. Once purified, non-compendial water, purified water or water for injection must be stored and distributed in systems appropriately designed, installed, commissioned and validated.

    Why is purified water used in pharmaceutical preparations?

    Purified Water is used as an excipient in the production of nonparenteralpreparations and in other pharmaceutical applications, such as cleaning of certain equipment and nonparenteral product-contact components. The minimal quality of source or feed water for the production of Purified Wateris Drinking Water.

Pharmaceutical Water System

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