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  • T420 Tablet press
  • T420 Tablet press
  • T420 Tablet press
  • T420 Tablet press
  • T420 Tablet press
  • T420 Tablet press
T420 Tablet press T420 Tablet press T420 Tablet press

T420 Tablet press


    Automatic High Speed Rotary Tablet Press Machine

    Faster,More Stable,More Caring

    Solid foundation:

    Level 3 safety circuit, safe operation

    High precision manufacturing, reliable operation

    Modular design for quickly installing and disassembling

    High Performance PLC and Industrial computer control

    Servo motor adjusts pressure and filling depth

    Meet GMP and FDA requirements

    Complete function:

    Pre-pressure monitoring*

    Punch tightness monitoring*

    Ejection force monitoring*

    Single rejection of bad tablets*

    Sampling for good tablets*

    Changeable turret

    Single punch pressure monitoring

    Punch start relief

    Batch management

    Event log

    Excellent advantages

    1.Four reinforced columns filling in special shock-absorbing materials make machine run more stable

    2.Full-width hollow window fully seals tableting cabinet, prevents dust and noise leaking

    3.Two-circuit heat dissipation system to cool the electrical system and driver cabinet without fans on side-doors which is main leakage outlet of noise


    4.Unique design of coaxial upper-lower compression roller prolong the dwelling time and reduce the wear of punch body and turret

    5.Maintain load cell by fewer steps without special tools in the innovative lower pressure station

    6.Full sealed tablet chute prevents powder spreading, by the split structure it is easy to expand option chutes and compatible with all kinds of peripheral devices


    7.Two layer-three chamber feeder with full digital control dosing system fills product precisely

    8.Triangular support makes feeder easy to adjust horizontal and clean

    9.Industrial computer can adjust pitch angle, friendly HMI is based on (Microsoft) Windows.


Pharmaceutical Equipment

Granulation Line Exporter

Number of punch48443831
Type of punchEU 19 / TSM 19BBSEU 19 / TSM 19BBEU 19 / TSM 19BEU 1”/ TSM 1” D
Product output (pcs/H)14400-33120013200-30360011400-2622009300-186000
Max force main compression (KN)100

Max force pre compression (KN)100

Max tablet diameter (mm)11131625
Max filling depth (mm)18181818
Max tablet thickness (mm)
Pitch circle diameter (mm)420

Rotating speed (RPM)5~1155~1155~1155~100
Die diameter (mm)222430.1638.1
Die height (mm)22.2222.2222.2223.8
Punch shaft diameter (mm)19191925.35
Punch length (mm)133.6(133.35)
Upper punch penetration depth(mm)1~5
Size (mm)1200*1400*2100
Weight (KG)Appox. 3700 
Power supply data360-400V,50/60Hz; Total fusing 25A(6mm²),Power 9KW

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