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  • New High-speed tablet press machine
  • New High-speed tablet press machine
New High-speed tablet press machine

New High-speed tablet press machine


    Futorque X-1(for up to 108,000 tabs/hr)

    Perfectly engineered to meet both RGD and pilot scale production it's most innovative operating software makes tableting a completely new experience. Benefits include an intuitive operator control interface via a 18.5"BECKHOFF screen including remote operation via smart phone devices.

    The optional FlexAdapt turret system (EU and IPT B and D) offers highest format flexibility and lightning fast changeover times without the necessity of changing the turret

    Futorque X-1 features:

    • 108,000 tabs/h system performance

    • with full RGD package

    • EasyOP control software on a 18.5”

    • multl-touch display

    • modular design with containment option

    • FlexAdapt turret system

    • high torque servo motor

    The Futorque X-1's uniquely programmed HMI featuring "operation by process"(Visual process control) makes operating a complexpharmaceutical machine a totally new, intuitive experience. Its multi-gesture functionality, based on that used for operating modern smartphones and tablets, makes software navigation easy. Parameter changes due to machine settings are shown on the display in real time.

    The control software's comprehensive safety system and optional remote monitoring and control via smartphone app mean the Futorque X-1 is one of the most operatorfriendly tablet presses in its class.

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