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Ablet Press Machine

A tablet press is a mechanical device that compresses powder into tablets of uniform size and weight. Tablet presses can be used to make tablets of a variety of materials, including pharmaceuticals, nutritionals, cleaning products, industrial pills, and cosmetics. To form a tablet, granular powder material must be metered into a cavity formed by two punches and a die, and the punches must then be pressed together with great force to fuse the material together.

Our benchtop tablet presses are significantly lighter in weight, portable, simple to operate and maintain than their larger commercial counterparts, flexible, versatile and easy to operate and maintain.

Important notes for Tablet Press Machine:

They are manufactured with a suitable stainless steel cover for reduced noise levels and dust-free operation.

All models are easy to handle, safe to operate, easy to clean and service, and have less variation from one tool to another over time.

Dies and punches are developed with the latest technology for longer service life and lower wear.

A tablet press is essentially a machine used to manufacture tablets of various sizes as required. It can convert it from powder form to tablet form. These tablet presses are mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry to produce tablets, but there are other applications as well. Tablet presses can be used to manufacture other cleaning products in tablet form, as well as in the cosmetic industry.

The tableting process is a two-step action, where the first step involves lowering the bottom punch into the die to form a cavity for the granular feedstock. The lowering movement is automatically controlled by the machine according to the settings. Scrape off any excess filling from the top to allow the upper punch to come down and make contact with the powder. This is done by applying force to high pressure rollers that help to fuse the granular material together and form a stiff sheet. The lower punch helps eject the tablet at the end of the process by raising it again.

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