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STEP T220 Tablet press machine


    T220 laboratory tablet press is designed and manufactured in three aspects: "excellent and stable performance", "safety and health of personnel", "easy-to-use and durable equipment“.

    Besides, T220 in the limited space to achieve more functional deployment, to meet the diverse needs of customers.


Main technical parameters

Number of punch stations208+816
Model of punch stationsEU 19/TSM 19 BEU/TSM 8D or 88EU 1"/TSM 1"D
Product output(pcs/H)6000~600002400~240004800~48000
Max. force main compression (KN)60
Max. force pre compression (KN)5(1st layer) /10
Max.tablet diameter (mm)1616/2525
Max. filling depth (mm)1818/2020
Max. tablet thickness (mm)
Pitch circle diameter (mm)220
Rotating speed (RPM)5~50
Die diameter (mm)30.1630.16/38.138.1
Die height (mm)22.2222.22/23.823.8
Punch shaft diameter (mm)1919/253525.35
The length of punch (mm)                                             133.6(133.35)                                             
Upper punch insertion depth (mm)2~5 (5~8 for 1st layer)
Overall dimension (mm)756*1036*1850
Weight (KG)≈1200
The standard of power supply360-400V, 50/60Hz; Total fusing 25A (6mm2), Power 4.5KW

Our company can manufacture equipment according to customer's requirements. Any further changes will not be notified!

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