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STEP T420 Tablet press machine


    Double thickness door

    Application of two sealing structures

    Completely closed discharging port

    Seven glove boxes on four sides can handle every inch of space


STEP T420 Tablet press

Main technical parameters

Number of punch stations48443831
Model of punch stationsEU 19/TSM 19 BBSEU 19/TSM 19 BBEU 19/TSM 19 BEU 1"/TSM 1"D
Product output(pcs/H)14400-33120013200-30360011400-2622009300-186000
Max. force main compression (KN)100100100100
Max. force pre compression (KN)100100100100
Max.tablet diameter (mm)11131625
Max. filling depth (mm)18181818
Max. tablet thickness (mm)
The circumferential diameter of the punch (mm)420420420420
Punching speed (RPM)5~1155~1155~1155~100
Medium mould diameter (mm)222430.1638.1
Medium mould height (mm)22.2222.2222.223.8
The rod diameter of punch (mm)19191925.35
The length of punch (mm)133.6(133.5)
Upper punch insertion depth (mm)1~5
Overall dimension (mm)1200*1400*2100
Weight (KG)≈3700
The standard of power supplyWorking voltage: 360V-400V,50/60Hz.Max.current 25A(6mm2),Power: 9KW

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