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Custom Isolator Pharma

Isolators are core components in the pharmaceutical industry and are critical to a range of processes. These air-tight enclosures provide a complete barrier to ensure sterile conditions and seals. Our pharmaceutical sterile isolators provide a complete barrier to isolate and protect your product from people, other processes and the work environment.

What are the advantages of Isolator Pharma?

The drug isolator is a modern medical technology with several advantages for the pharmaceutical industry. It provides a superior sterile environment compared to traditional environments such as sterile clean rooms. Positive or negative pressure in the chamber prevents contamination of the operator or the external environment under abnormal conditions. It ensures long-term sterility in compliance with pharmaceutical regulations. It is especially effective during aseptic processes, procedure validation, sterility testing, etc.

Various controls and monitoring are made easy thanks to integrated options and software. Temperature, pressure, humidity levels, etc. can be set and recorded, as well as leak and sterility control. The data collected will be useful during inspections by regulators.

Isolators for the pharmaceutical industry reduce costs. The device takes up less space, reducing possible refurbishment costs. They are less expensive to maintain and service, which means lower operating costs.

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