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What you should know about pellet solutions for nutraceutical manufacturing

Dec. 27, 2021

With many years of experience, Canaan has become a leader in the field of compaction and pelletizer production. With the latest technology, we serve customers in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, CBD, food, chemical and life science sectors.

With the recent developments in the health and wellness industry, especially after COVID-19, the demand for nutraceutical manufacturing has increased. Nutraceuticals, including supplements and functional foods, are typically made from plants and animals and are used to treat and prevent disease. The industry is on the rise, and the global market is expected to soar over the next decade. 

What are nutraceuticals?

The term "nutraceuticals" covers a wide selection of products that promote overall health and well-being. Some of the most common examples of nutraceuticals include vitamins and probiotics, although the category covers the broader term of supplements.


Extrusion spheronizing pellet (granulator)

Nutraceuticals vs. Pharmaceuticals

It is important to note that nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals are not the same thing. Some key differences between the two products include.

✺ Production volume. Unlike pharmaceuticals, which are produced in large quantities for global distribution, nutraceuticals are typically produced by small start-ups in proof-of-concept quantities or medium volumes. 

✺ Availability. While pharmaceuticals require a prescription from a licensed medical professional, nutraceuticals can be purchased over the counter by consumers.

✺ Life cycle. Nutraceuticals are available much faster than pharmaceuticals for a number of reasons. First, nutraceuticals tend to have much shorter production cycles. In addition, pharmaceuticals require FDA approval, which can prevent a product from being released for years.



Powder material flow solutions

Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies ultimately share the same production goal - to develop a manufacturing process that allows them to get their products to the end user more efficiently. The material flow process is often one of the biggest obstacles to manufacturing such products. 

Canaan offers machines that facilitate efficient powder flow during the production of tablets and capsules. Powder flow is an important component of successful nutritional and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Effective powder flow can affect many factors, including.

✴ Production speed. Without proper powder flow, tablet presses may run much slower than expected.

✴ Quality. Reliable powder flow helps ensure the accuracy and consistency of dose and weight of all tablets in the production run. 

✴ Mixing. Mixing multiple powder components relies heavily on effective powder flow.

While some aspects of powder flow depend on the quality of the powder material itself and how it is stored, effective powder flow in nutraceutical manufacturing ultimately relies on the use of reliable, high-performance equipment. 


At Canaan, we are committed to using the latest technology to improve your manufacturing process and eliminate bottlenecks and productivity challenges. For more information, you can contact us. 


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