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What are the Uses of Pure Steam Generator?

Sep. 23, 2020

Pure Steam Generator is widely used in the sterilization and disinfection of pipelines, appliances and storage tanks in the pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries. Purified water is used as feed water and heated by steam to produce sterile, pyrogen-free pure steam. The steam has stable quality and high purity, which can effectively prevent heavy metals, heat sources and other impurities from re-contamination of objects. The pure steam generator is composed of an evaporator, a preheater, a heat preservation pure steam storage tank and an electrical inspection part. The main body evaporator adopts the vertical tube falling film evaporation principle. The shell has good heat preservation effect, high thermal efficiency, fast steam production, safe operation and reliable performance. It is composed of stainless steel spiral separator.

Pure Steam Generator

Pure Steam Generator

The pure steam generator has advanced steam production technology, novel design, compact structure, reasonable layout, small footprint, and safe and easy operation. The working range is well adjustable, and there are many operating conditions, corresponding to the heating steam 0.3MPa-0.6MPa (gauge pressure), and the pure steam output is correspondingly increased. Under the same heating steam pressure condition, by adjusting the outlet valve, different back pressures can be obtained And flow of pure steam. The heating steam is dry, saturated, and stable supply steam, and the feed water should be deionized water. The raw material water is heated by industrial steam in an effect preheater, and the water for injection is generally prepared by distillation (also reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration) with purified water, with a chemical purity of up to 99.999% and no pyrogen. Since the preparation process of pure steam is the same as that of preparing water for injection with distilled water, the same multi-effect distilled water machine or a separate pure steam generator can be used.

Application fields of pure steam generator:

1. Production of sterile, heat-free purified water for the pharmaceutical industry.

2. Biomedicine water.

3. Water for medical hemodialysis.

4. Preparation of pure drinking water and beverage water.

5. Pretreatment system for high-purity water used in the electronics industry.

6. Preparation of boiler make-up water.

7. Water for cosmetic ingredients.

8. Pure water for liquor blending and pure water for beer production

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