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What is a Pharmaceutical Tablet Press Machine?

Oct. 11, 2022

A pharmaceutical tablet press machine plays an integral role in the today’s world where quite a number of drugs are administered in tablet form.

This makes a tableting machine a must have accessory in the pharmaceutical industry.


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Tablet Press Machine


1. What is a Pharmaceutical Tablet Press Machine?

A tablet press machine is an electro-mechanical device that uses compression force to transform powder into tablets of uniform sizes and thickness.

Depending on the nature of application, you may use it to make cleaning products, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals.


Normally, the names of these machines depend on their specific applications.

For instance, those that are used to make drugs and other related products are called pharmaceutical tablet press.

Generally, tablet making process involves using die and punches to fuse different powder particles to form a solid substance (tablet).

This makes a tablet press tooling an important process in the machine design.


2. Types of Tablet Making Machines

The available tablet making machines are either single station or multiple stations.


a. Single Punch Tablet Press Machine

Single punch pharmaceutical tablet machines are also called eccentric or single station presses.

They are some of the simplest forms of tablet making machines with relatively low production capacity.


Depending on the design, you can opt for manually operated or fully automated with an optional PLC control.

The single station pharmaceutical tablet compression machines are popular since they are:

● Structurally small, hence, suitable where space is limited

● Known for high utilization ratio

● Easy to operate

● Guarantee low noise level

● Cost effective in clinical trials and R&D

Like the name suggests, these tableting machines use a single set of station tooling to process powder to the desired compaction and size.

That is, its tablet tooling system consist of a pair of upper and lower punch system and a die.


b. Multiple Station Pharmaceutical Tablet Press Machine

Due to the nature of its design, multiple or multi-station press is also called a rotary press.

This machine has a set of dies with both lower and upper punches that are in constant rotary motion.


Unlike the single press, this pharmaceutical tableting machine has a complex design and structure.

This allows for machine head to rotate as the punches move up and down, while the fixed cam tracks and controls the compression process.


This machine is popular across many pharmaceutical industries because they are:

● Suitable for large scale production – over 70,000 tablets/hour, depending on the design

● Fully automated systems with touch screen HMI (nearly all modern machines have this feature)

● Cost effective in large scale production

● Both hardness and weight can be controlled independently

● Reduces product wastage



In short, depending on your production requirements, you can choose single punch or rotary tablet making machines.

I know there are many tablet compression machine designs, available in the market.

At times, it may be difficult to choose the right equipment by looking at them.

You should request for the product manual to read the machine specifications. 

What is a Pharmaceutical Tablet Press Machine?cid=409

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