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What Is a Fluid-bed Granulator?

Jul. 21, 2022

What Is Granulation?

Granulation is the process of expanding particles through agglomeration techniques. That is, the process by which small particles form particles or granules.

It is a technology that has been adopted in many materials processing industries such as pharmaceutical, food and chemical, to name a few.

For example, it is a common process for the production of solid-dose pharmaceuticals that alter formulations by improving compaction and flow properties.

Ideally, this process will ensure that the final product has consistent hardness and uniform content.

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FZ Series Fluid-bed Granulator


What Is a Fluid-bed Granulator?

Fluid-bed granulator is one of the commonly used processing equipment in the pharmaceutical industries. It is a multi-purpose equipment in that mixing, granulation and drying are all carried out in the same equipment. The equipment operates in a bubbling bed regime.


How Fluid-bed Granulator Works

Studies of the fluid-bed granulation process have shown that the process is generally the same regardless of machine design. This is because the location of the fluidized bed spray system is always the same. That said, you can choose between top spray granulation or side/tangential spray systems. In this section, you will learn how the fluidized bed process works. But first, I would like to review the overall design and structure of the wet granulator.



Applications in the pharmaceutical industry of the fluid-bed granulator include the production of medicinal granules, capsule granules, and low sugar or no sugar granules of Chinese medicine.
Foodstuff usages include the production of cocoa, coffee-mate, instant tea, juice dissolving granules, flavoring and so on. The fluid-bed granulator is used in many industries, such as agrochemical, pesticide, animal feed, chemicals, pigment, dyestuff and more. This machine also functions to dry powdered or granular materials.


Features of Fluid-bed Granulator

1. With powder granulating, the flow property of materials is improved, and dust flying is reduced.
2. Using a fluidized bed granulator for powder granulating helps improve the dissolvability of the product.
3. Mixing, granulating and drying are achieved in one machine with one step.
4. It uses an anti-static filtering cloth to ensure safe operation.
5. The fluidized bed granulator is equipped with an explosion-release port, in order to avoid any injury to operation personnel in case of explosion.
6. The structure of the machine is airtight. This prevents any dead angle, makes it easy to clean, and ensures no cross contamination of products, so they can meet the GMP standard.

What Is a Fluid-bed Granulator?cid=409

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