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The Optimal Lifter for Your Industry Environment

Sep. 22, 2022

Material Handling Equipment

Just like a chair is not just a chair, a lift is not just a lift. There is a lot more going on than meets the eye.

When the need for industrial material handling equipment emerges, you will discover (as you probably already have) that getting the exact right material handling lift for your specific needs can be a lot more complicated than anticipated. 

The list of things to be aware of, remember, and consider is long: what characterizes the lift's desired physical attributes? What are the necessary functional properties? Which kind of environmental considerations are important? Etc.

There are numerous important functional, physical, and environmental aspects to consider.

However, when it comes to material handling equipment, this is not all. We also need to add the dimension of industry regulations to this equation. And now, everything suddenly becomes a lot more complex.  

All these aspects and requirements make it imperative that you find a supplier that makes you feel comfortable and secure, as you ask yourself:

Does my material handling equipment supplier understand my need as wells as my industry's regulations, procedures, and requirements? Can I rely on his or her advice?


 The Optimal Lifter for Your Industry Environment 

NTC Series Pharma Lifter, Between Floors

NTC Series Pharma Lifter Is Widely Used

When we design and build industrial material handling equipment, we pay equal and close attention to both physical and industrial variables. We know the dire consequences - human, corporate, and financial - if one of these areas is neglected or not prioritized highly enough.

Thus, even though physical variables - such as is there space for the lifter, how heavy a load do you need to lift, how will the load be fastened and manipulated, which special safety considerations might there be - are all of crucial importance, so too, are industrial standards and regulations.

Just like environments - procedures, cultures, regulations, and standards vary greatly in different industries.

In NTC Series Pharma Lifter, we have many years of experience serving a wide and colourful palette of different industries. And many of our employees and specialized consultants have previously been employed in many of our key industries (pharmaceutical, food and beverage, storage), so we fully understand many of the considerations you may have as our customer.

We welcome, appreciate and enjoy each of our customers, the industrial diversity of their backgrounds, and the specific challenges they trust us with.

And through our many projects and close dialogues, we are constantly learning, too, so we can always be up-to-date and do our best. And if we don’t already have an adaptable solution to suit your needs, we are always ready to design a custom solution for the perfect fit.

The Optimal Lifter for Your Industry Environment

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