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The Main Competitive Factors of Fluid-bed Dryer

May. 23, 2022

Working principle of fluid-bed dryer

Fluid-bed dryer is from the material from the feed inlet into the machine, under the action of vibration force, the material along the horizontal fluid-bed throwing, continuous movement forward, hot air up through the fluid-bed with wet materials after heat exchange, wet air through the cyclone separator dust removal, dry materials from the discharge inlet discharge.

At present, the fluid-bed dryer is still suitable for the drying and cooling of powder and granular materials in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, dehydrated vegetable and other industries.

The Main Competitive Factors of Fluid-bed Dryer

FG series fluid-bed dryer


The demand of fluid-bed dryer is huge

It is understood that China's vibrating fluid-bed dryer industry has a history of more than 20 years from the formation and development to the gradual maturity. At present, the domestic production of fluid-bed dryer, basically can achieve independent manufacturing, and gradually replace the imported dryer equipment. Among them, the share of vibration fluid-bed dryer in the domestic market has reached more than 80%.

With the rapid development of China's pharmaceutical and food industries, the demand for fluid-bed dryers is also expanding, which brings more business opportunities to the whole industry.


It is expected that the annual demand for vibrating fluid-bed dryer for pharmaceuticals will reach about 3000 units (sets). And in terms of drug drying, the demand for larger size equipment in the vacuum freezing vibrating fluid-bed dryer will increase, and the demand for equipment with functional combinations (such as granulation drying, drying and filtration) will also increase.


fluid-bed dryer market competition is becoming more intense

The industry said that the current fluid bed dryer market competition is becoming more and more intense, where the main competitive factors are focused on product quality, technology, energy-saving effect, after-sales service and price, etc.


Product quality

The quality of the equipment is the key to determine the stability of production and the longevity of operation. Fluid-bed dryer enterprises need to strengthen the stability of the equipment, improve the quality and meet the real needs of users.

In terms of technology level, it is mainly reflected in the drying efficiency of the equipment. With the rise in labor costs of pharmaceutical enterprises, as well as enterprises facing increased pressure on policy, the technical level of drying equipment is also increasing, only to improve the drying efficiency to help reduce their costs.


Energy-saving effect

It is understood that in the past, the ordinary fluid-bed dryer in the drying of granular materials, prone to agglomeration, uneven particles and other situations. In order to overcome its shortcomings, foreign countries have done a lot of research in improving the performance of fluid-bed dryers and other aspects. Especially in the process of strengthening the mass and heat transfer, saving energy and improving quality, it has become the direction that many fluid-bed dryer manufacturers are striving for.


After-sales service

Pre-sales, sales and after-sales service are included in the competition of enterprises, in fact, the quality of after-sales service is a major competitive advantage. Many manufacturers sell their products and then cut off contact with customers, losing more equipment update and upgrade suggestions and advice, but also lost more loyal customer groups.



Domestic fluid-bed dryer compared with foreign imports of dryers, the price has an advantage, and peer competition, low-price competition no longer has an advantage, many companies are beginning to shift the goal to improve the quality and technology level up. Or there are companies selling equipment by bundling the combination of equipment in a preferential way.


In addition, the appearance design and quality of the vibrating fluid-bed dryer will also be increasingly important to users, corrosive material drying equipment corrosion resistance and reliable service life, will be favored by users.


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