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Selecting The Right Lift Equipment

Jun. 27, 2022

Goods Lifts

Or platform lifts, are a smooth, efficient way to move products, containers, tools, and equipment to various vertical locations in your manufacturing facility. Our platform lifts are ideal for ‘clean room’ process areas, where forklifts and freight elevators are undesirable. They can reach multiple floors, in an open ‘ball room’ environment or within a purpose-built shaft.

Our full line of sanitary platform lifts allows service to an open mezzanine process area, using simple multi-gate operations. Or confined to a purpose-built shaft with access through sealed doors.   Constructed from 300-grade stainless steel with biotech-grade finishes ideal for hygienic and sanitary operations, our platform lifts include options for a variety of interlocked gates and barriers, making them safe, secure, and ready to access any process area.

Selecting The Right Lift Equipment


Equipment Positioners

Many production or manufacturing tasks that require overcoming gravity to aid the process will require the use of vertical lifting equipment. In many instances, the process will call for a lift to elevate and position process equipment over downstream automatic ‘process equipment’. Choosing the right lift for a project involves analyzing the task at hand and partnering with the appropriate vendor who will deliver the safest, most efficient, and best-performing equipment in the market today.

Floor supported ceiling mounted, wall braced, or portable, Canaan’s line of equipment positioners, are designed to your custom needs. From raising mixing vessels, screeners mills, or feeders, our lifting equipment can elevate swivel and hold in place with no droop, creep, or fear of dropping.


Stationary and Mobile Equipment Positioners

The equipment positioners more than meet the challenge with intuitive controls that greatly simplify raising and lowering equipment, and include other options to meet your operation’s specific and unique needs.

Positioning process equipment in line with the process or individually takes more than just precision and efficient handling. We offer the option of a portable equipment positioner, to help elevate equipment when a vertical process flow is required such as lifting a machine until it is in line with a mixing tank. The units are versatile and easy to maneuver in a difficult process space.

Our stainless-steel mobile column lifts are designed with intuitive controls that simplify the raising and lowering of the equipment along with several other options to complete specific processes. The mobile lifting equipment allows contact with the plant control system with its communication integration, and the mobile design supports lifting at multiple destinations. The fail-safe lift mechanism and interlocking with gates and barriers prevent loss of utility and ensure enhanced safety. The mobile design lift has a rational column to ensure precision positioning.

Selecting The Right Lift Equipment


Mini Utility Lifts

For smaller-scale, lightweight applications, we suggest our mini utility lift series. These lifts are lightweight and portable, for handling loads ranging from 100kg to 180kg depending on the end effector needed. Their smaller footprint allows them to be used in tight spaces in order to position them as required without obstructing neighboring equipment such as high shear mixers or process screening equipment.

Selecting lift equipment for any job must start by identifying both the type of work as well as the conditions where the work will be conducted. After specifying the piece of lift equipment that satisfies the outlined criteria, it’s best to investigate which model provides both efficiencies, as well as versatility, to accomplish tasks in the most cost-effective and productive manner.


Product Features

● Convenient operation, easy cleaning and maintenance

● The column of the Pharma Lifter for Bin is made of special channel steel

● It adopts integrated control technology to realize stable and reliable performance

● The lifting and driving system can adopt hydraulic lifting or mechanical lifting

● It optimizes production processes, lowers labor intensity and reduces dust pollution

● Interlock in order to prevent damage or misoperation

● The equipment is flexible, suit for different batch capacity

● The working noise ≤70dB(A)


We would be happy to provide you with more information on our products and services, answer any questions you may have, and create a custom solution for your material handling and equipment needs. For more information about our products and services please contact our sales team at +86 577 6737 8828 or visit our contact page.

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