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Roller Compaction Products for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dec. 18, 2021

At Canaan, innovation and curiosity are at the heart of everything we do.

For our customers in the pharmaceutical industry, one of our core products is the LGP series of roller compactor.

This product line is designed to provide effective dry granulation and compaction for pharmaceutical product manufacturing operations. 

Dry granulation is the formation of larger particles (called pellets or granules) from dry powders and other solid materials without the use of liquid binders. Compaction is a method of producing pellets that uses pressure to minimize the space between individual particles. Both processes are essential for the production of pharmaceutical products such as pills, capsules and tablets. 

LGP Series Roller Compactor


Overview of the Roller Compaction Process

As mentioned above, there are several different granulation methods available. The two most common dry granulation operations are segment pressing and Roller compaction. 

Slugging is a compaction process that uses a tablet press. The drugs produced by this method usually have variable weights and densities, resulting in lower quality products and production.

Roller compaction is a compaction process that uses three key components.

1. Feed system: conveys the raw material from the machine mouth to the compaction unit

2. Compaction unit: Compaction of the material using two counter-rotating rollers

3. Crushing unit: grinding the compacted material to the required particle size

In summary, these components allow for the production of more precise and accurate pharmaceuticals. 

The qualities mentioned above are some of the reasons why most pharmaceutical companies use grinding in their manufacturing operations. Some examples of pharmaceutical materials that often use this method include inactive compounds (such as fillers, preservatives, excipients and colorants), active ingredients, herbal extracts, and controlled and immediate-release drugs. 


Benefits of Roller Compaction

Compared to wet granulation and other dry granulation methods, tumbling offers a number of advantages that make it more suitable for pharmaceutical manufacturing applications, such as 

✺ Better suitability for moisture or heat sensitive drugs. Dry granulation allows material compaction and granulation without the addition of liquids, which is ideal for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals that degrade due to the presence of moisture. Since no liquid is added, no drying stage is required, making it ideal for handling materials with low melting or thermal degradation points. 

✺ Higher processing accuracy. Compared to the segment plug method, laminating provides more consistent powder flow, resulting in more consistent compaction results. 

✺ Easier scalability. For lapping operations, pilot and commercial product batches can be run on the same machine, so production can be easily expanded without additional machinery investment.

✺ Reduced operating costs. Because the roller compaction process eliminates the need for material wetting and drying stages, operating costs are always lower than for wet granulation operations.  


Canaan Pharmaceutical Roller Compaction Products

The LGP series roller compactor are designed to meet the highest requirements and standards of the pharmaceutical industry and are suitable for both production and R&D operations. They are available in benchtop or stand-alone models.

Their modular design allows for almost complete disassembly without the need for special tools, while the cantilevered roll design allows for easy replacement and cleaning. The machine range also features a very low overall height to ensure a compact design. 

All systems offer automation solutions that provide users with complete process control system visualization and batch reporting capabilities that are typically required by the pharmaceutical industry.


Contact Canaan's Experts Today

Rollers are ideally suited to achieve better product and production quality in pharmaceutical operations. Canaan is the perfect equipment partner for customers looking for a quality roller compactor. 

We have staff to meet all testing, maintenance, sales and service needs. We have the knowledge, skills and tools to meet all rolling needs. To learn more about our lapping products and services and how they can benefit the pharmaceutical industry, please contact us today.

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