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Application of Film Coating Technology in Traditional Chinese Medicine Pharmacy

Dec. 18, 2017

Film coating is a new coating technology, which refers to a relatively stable thin film coating on the core of the coating. The film coating can be widely used for tablets, pills, granules for traditional Chinese medicine.

1.The time is shorter, operation is easy, fast drying, little influence on the heating of drugs, which is beneficial to improve the quality of drugs. 

2.Saves labor force, the cost is low.

3.Thin film coating technology can reduce the dust flying in the workplace, is conducive to environmental protection and labor protection, also can save packaging materials.

4.The film coated tablets are strong, wearable and hard to crack. It has excellent physical properties, improve the quality of the product and prolong the effective period of the product.

5.The process of production and the amount of material can be standardized.

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