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Parameters to be controlled in the fluidized bed dryer (system)

Nov. 05, 2021

In order to improve the operation, efficiency, and reproducibility of the fluidized bed dryer, a number of parameters need to be controlled. These parameters are divided into equipment parameters, process parameters, and product parameters.

Fluid-bed Multi-processor


1. Instrument/equipment parameters

▴The shape of the instrument: The ring-based design provides a better product.

▴Position of the air distribution plate: This parameter affects the pattern.

▴Nozzle height: When the fluid bed dryer is used as a coating machine, the nozzle height plays a crucial role. The atomized coating solution should not dry before reaching the surface of the tablet.

2. Process/operating parameters

▴Humidity: Faster drying can be achieved when the moisture content of the inlet air is kept at a minimum level.

▴Temperature: Increased temperature results in increased moisture diffusion, which increases the drying rate and reduces drying time. The nature of the material plays an important role in the selection of the operating temperature.

▴Air velocity/gas velocity: Increasing the gas velocity will increase the drying speed, but it should be kept at the optimum speed (not too fast or too slow). Gas velocity has no effect on particles with high internal resistance to moisture transfer.

3. Product parameters

▴Feed rate/batch size.

▴Particle size, shape, and diameter.

▴The moisture content of the feed material.

▴The moisture content of the product.

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