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What are the Maintenance Precautions for Automatic Capsule Filling Machine?

Aug. 12, 2020

As a China Pharmaceutical Equipment Manufacturer, share with you. The capsule filling machine is an intermittently operating, fully automatic hard capsule filling equipment with orifice disk metering. It has a precise design and stable operation. It can automatically complete sac inflating, sub-capsulation, filling, waste sac removal, lock sacs, export of finished products, etc. Kind of process. Fully enclosed ten-station turntable, module single-row die hole 9-hole design.

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

The following editor briefly introduces the maintenance precautions of the capsule filling machine, as follows:

1. The oil quantity of the main drive reducer should be checked once a month. If it is insufficient, the oil should be refueled in time, and the lubricant should be replaced every six months. The lubricant should be replaced once every 3000h of the indexing box of the turntable. According to experience, 90 #机油.

2. The vacuum separator of the vacuum system mainly plays the role of sucking the capsule into the upper and lower modules and separating the cap and the body during the filling of the hard capsule. If the capsule cannot separate the cap and the body, the subsequent filling will not be possible. Every time the turntable of the machine rotates one station, the main shaft of the machine rotates one round, and the vacuum separator moves up and down once under the action of the cam. If the cap and body of the capsule are not separated smoothly, check the gap between the upper plane of the vacuum separator and the lower plane of the lower module. If the gap is too large, the vacuum degree of the vacuum system will not reach the vacuum degree required by the cap and body separation ( About 0.05MPa), the gap is too small and it is easy to cause head collision to deform the lower module. When the position of the vacuum separator needs to be adjusted, use the handle to turn the main motor shaft to raise the vacuum separator to a high position, and loosen the lock nuts at both ends of the adjusting rod under the machine table (one is left-handed nut, one is right-handed nut ), then turn the adjusting rod to adjust the height of the vacuum separator, then tighten the nut, and use the handle to rotate the main motor shaft to test until it is suitable. The vacuum degree is read on the vacuum gauge on the operation panel of the machine. When the vacuum is too high, the vacuum degree regulating valve can be opened appropriately, and when the vacuum is too low, the vacuum degree regulating valve can be closed or closed. The filter of the vacuum system should be opened regularly to remove the clogged dirt to ensure that the vacuum system has sufficient vacuum.

3. The transmission mechanism under the working table of the machine should always add lubricating oil (grease) in an appropriate amount to reduce the wear of moving parts.

4. The safety clutch plays a protective role when the machine is overloaded. The clutch should not slip when the load is normal, but it may also slip due to long-term use. When slipping occurs in normal use, the round nut of the clutch can be tightened. Some, in order to achieve the purpose of ensuring the normal operation of the machine and protecting it.

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