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Main Parts of Roller Compactor Machine

May. 18, 2022

As you can see, a roller compactor machine for dry granulation is made of a range of parts and components.

For a fact, I cannot explore all of them here.

It's for that reason, I will focus on the main parts and components only.

But first I want you to have a quick overview of the image below:

Main Parts of Roller Compactor Machine


Of course, these are what we have in here:

Main Parts of Roller Compactor Machine 

Roller compactor for dry granulation


In this article, I am going to focus on the following parts of a roller compactor machine:

● Feeding system

● Compaction system

● Flake crusher

● Operator console

● Drive system

So in this section, I am going to focus on these main parts of the roller compaction machine for dry granulation and other related components.

Also, I want to mention here that not all roller compactor machines are the same, especially when it comes to design.

However, the working principle is still the same.

The various parts may have different configuration, but still achieve one goal – dry granulation.

Therefore, in case any part malfunctions, the machine will not work properly.

So here are the five most important parts of a roller compactor machine;

1. Raw Material Feeding Unit

The material feeding unit is the part that you put in material for processing.

Quite a number of raw material feeding units take the shape of a cone.


Main Parts of Roller Compactor Machine

Material feeding unit

This makes it easier for material to move seamlessly into the machine.

2. Material Feeding System

Don’t confuse this with the feeding unit.

The feeding system is located inside the machine and not on the outside like the feeding unit.

This is the part that consistently and uniformly delivers material between the two pressure rollers in the machine.

We will learn more about the rollers in section 3.3 below.

So as I was saying, the feeding system does more than delivering the raw material onto the compaction system.

It also helps to remove trapped air from the materials before releasing them into the pressure rollers.

There are different feeding systems, but most machines today use the screw feeding mechanism.

Please note;

The feeding system is quite critical in the functionality of a roll compactor machine.

It is the part of the machine that determines its output capacity.

Main Parts of Roller Compactor Machine 

Feeding system

With this in mind, note that you can opt for either a twin or single pre-compression feeding system.

These two feeding system designs can enable you to perform dry granulation even when dealing with low bulk density materials.

The bottom line?

As you buy a roll compactor machine, choose one that has the appropriate feeding system for your type of application.

3. Roller Compaction System

This is the central and most important part of the roll compactor machine.

It is the part responsible for compressing the material into the desired form, i.e., flakes, ribbons, and sheets.

So, when the material comes through from the feeding system, it goes here where it is compressed uniformly into the above forms.

Like I said in section 3.2, the feeding system delivers material into the rollers of this machine for compaction.

Following a variable set speed, the feed system forces the pre-compressed powder into the two rollers here.

Main Parts of Roller Compactor Machine 

Roller compaction system

Now, regardless of the design of your machine, the roller compaction system dramatically determines its functionality and efficiency.

As such, you should pay keen attention to this system when choosing any particular roller compactor.

4. Flake Crusher System/Milling System

The flake crusher or the milling system is the part found right under the roller compaction system.

It is the part where the compacted powder from the pressure rollers above are milled/blended into the required shape and size.

This part, has a sieve that only allows the right size of granules to pass through and proceed to the next stage of granulation.

When considering the type of flake crusher, it is essential that you do this in consideration of your final product.

What size and shape of product do you want to output?

Whatever answer you give should help you determine what kind of milling system you require.

5. Touch Screen PLC System

This is the operator console or in other words the control panel.

Control panels are a vital part of any modern industrial machines.

Typically, this part is made of a metal plate with a PLC touch screen.

The panel contains indicator lights, toggle switches and a push button that you can use to run the machine.

The main advantage of the control panel is that it enhances usability.

It generally makes it easy to monitor and control the production process ongoing in the roll compactor machine.

6. Variable speed drive system

Like all the other parts we’ve mentioned above, the drive system is an essential component of the roll compactor machine.

It is more like the heart of the machine because, without it, all other elements cannot function.

As you could see from the video above, the drive system is not just a single part.

It is made up of several parts including the:

● Motor

● Gear

● Belt

● Shafts

All these allow you to control:

● Speed

● Torque

● Acceleration

● Deceleration

● Direction of the machine

With an infinite number of speeds, you can choose a rate that suits your product or process.

You need to ensure that it is within the machine’s operating range.

As you can see, it is pretty different from systems with constant speed.

And the ability to change speeds frequently makes this machine the go-to option for dry granulation.


Because it optimizes the machine’s process.

This enables it to perform various tasks that help to improve production quality, speed, and safety.

Other parts and components of a roll compactor machine include;

● Discharge outlet that releases the final product from the roll compactor machine

● Alarm systems that help to indicate when there is a problem

● The skeleton that holds all of the parts and components of the device

● And many others that unfortunately we won’t be able to mention here.

Of course, the exact location of these parts will depend on the design of the machine.

Plus, manufacturers keep updating the designs, incorporate new parts and elements for better functionality and usability.

To know every detail of roller compactor for dry granulation, you should request for product manual.

Now, let's see how these parts coordinate to ensure efficient and reliable dry granulation process.


Main Parts of Roller Compactor Machine

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