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What are the Main Applications of Fluidized Bed Dryers?

Jul. 31, 2021

The equipment widely used in the pharmaceutical industry is a fluidized bed dryer, which has greatly improved the quality and quantity of our work. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is only a microcosm of fluidized bed dryers, fluidized bed dryers. Because of its high heat and mass transfer rate, compact structure and easy operation, it is widely used in the chemical, food, ceramic, pharmaceutical and other industries. Then the Laboratory Fluid Bed Multi Processor Factory will give you a detailed introduction:

Fluid Bed Dryer

Fluid Bed Dryer

Main features of vibrating fluidized bed dryer:   

1. The vibrating fluidized bed dryer is driven by a vibrating motor, with stable operation, low noise, long life, and convenient maintenance.  

2. The vibration of the vibrating fluidized bed dryer makes the material easy to reach the fluidized state, which increases the effective heat transfer coefficient, so the thermal efficiency is high. The temperature of the bed is evenly distributed, and there is no local overheating. Uniform fluidization, no dead ends and blow-through phenomenon. Vibration plays a role in conveying and also helps to save energy. Compared with general drying devices, it can save energy by 30-60%.  

3. The thickness of the material layer and the moving speed and amplitude of the machine can be adjusted steplessly, with good adjustability and wide speed range.  

4. The surface damage of the material is small, and it can be used for drying fragile materials. It can also be used when the particles of the material are irregular, which does not affect the efficiency.

5. The vibrating fluidized bed dryer adopts a fully enclosed structure, which effectively prevents cross-contamination of materials with the outside world, cleans the environment, and improves working conditions.  

6. Vibration promotes fluidization, reducing air demand and particle entrainment rate.  

Classification of fluidized bed dryers Applicable materials  

With the continuous development of fluidized bed drying equipment application technology, its types and adaptable materials are also increasing, and they have been widely used in chemical, light industry, medicine, food and other industries. Due to the different requirements for drying of different materials and products, different forms of fluidized bed dryers have appeared. Our company also sells Fluid Bed Dryer, please contact us.

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