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Do You Know Laboratory Spray Dryer?

Dec. 08, 2017

Laboratory Spray Dryer can not only quickly and completely dry liquid samples to solid powder, but not destroy the physical property of products, and complete other processes, such as suspension drying, microcapsule preparation and so on. 

A safe and reliable hot air suction is adopted for the operation of the whole machine, and the negative pressure experimental environment can avoid the pollution caused by the leakage, the automatic welding of the fuselage, the design and manufacture of hollow double wall, insulation and heat insulation can effectively prevent the potential high temperature scald potential in the process of experiment.

Equipped with self blockage sprinkler, sprinkler with cooling device, the entire nozzle precision manufacturing, 6 bit spiral high speed intake of liquid uniform atomization, to ensure the whole process of spray atomization angle is consistent, no blockage. Laboratory Mixer cleaning is convenient, with a discharge tank, which can be used for CIP automatic cleaning and SIP automatic sterilizing.

Laboratory Mixer

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