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How does the Tablets Press Machine Work?

Feb. 02, 2021

As a China Pharmaceutical Equipment Factory, I would like to share with you.

The tablet press is mainly used for tablet technology research in the pharmaceutical industry. The tablet press is an automatic continuous production equipment for pellets that are not more than 13mm in diameter, round, irregular, and tablets with text, symbols and graphics. Some pharmaceutical tablet presses have burrs and dust during tablet compression and should be equipped with a sieve machine to remove dust at the same time (more than twice), and must meet GMP specifications.

Tablet Press Machine

Tablet Press Machine

Working principle

1. Punch and die: Punch and die are the basic components of the tablet press. As shown in Figure 14-7(a), each pair of dying is composed of three parts: upper punch, middle die and lower punch. The structure of the upper and lower punches is similar, and the punch diameters are also the same. The punches of the upper and lower punches are matched with the die hole of the middle mold and can slide up and down freely in the middle mold hole, but there is no gap that can leak the powder . The die processing size is a unified standard size, which is interchangeable. The specifications of the die are expressed by the diameter of the punch or the hole diameter of the middle die, generally 5.5-12mm, each 0.5mm is a specification, there are 14 specifications in total.

The punch and die are under a lot of pressure in the process of tableting, and they are usually made of bearing steel (such as crl5, etc.) and heat treated to increase their hardness.

There are many types of punches, and the shape of the punch depends on the shape of the tablet. According to the shape of the die structure, it can be divided into circular and irregular shapes (including polygonal and curved shapes); the cross-sectional shapes of the punch include flat, hypotenuse, shallow concave, deep concave and comprehensive shapes. The flat and beveled punches are used to compress flat cylindrical tablets, the shallow concave is used to compress biconvex tablets, the deep concave is mainly used to compress the chips of coated tablets, and the comprehensive shape is mainly used to compress Shaped sheet shape. In order to facilitate the identification and taking of medicines, the name of the medicine, dosage and vertical and horizontal lines can also be carved on the end face of the die. To compress tablets of different dosages, a suitable size die should be selected.

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