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How to Maintain Water Treatment Equipment in Winter?

Jan. 27, 2021

A lower temperature will affect the normal operation of water treatment equipment. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment in winter, we need to take protective measures. Today Pharmaceutical Equipment Exporter will share some maintenance tips for general water treatment equipment:

Multiple-Effect Water Still09

Multiple-Effect Water Still

A. The tank and membrane equipment shall be discharged on time as required to avoid freezing and cracking equipment and valves in stagnant water.

B. The equipment and containers of the out-of-service equipment should be cleaned with bottom water. Before the equipment is put into use, it should be backwashed and then cleaned. It is necessary to avoid holding pressure in the place where the pressure is relieved. The equipment must be listed, registered, and inspected for antifreeze and water release.

C. Regional fire protection, explosion protection, antifreeze and heat preservation supervision and inspection personnel shall be taken by the person in charge of the area to check and confess the antifreeze equipment. After the operation is completed, the operator shall check and confess the confession, so that the record can be checked and inquired.

D. Anti-freezing of pipelines: The exposed pipelines must be wrapped with insulation materials to keep them warm. Anti-freezing during severe freezing period: In addition to the above measures, try to keep the water flowing in the water pipe to avoid freezing to death in the pipe.

E. Valve antifreeze: some insulation materials must be used for insulation.

After the self-priming sewage pump is out of service, drain the remaining water in the pump and the pipeline, and clean the external soil to prevent the pump body and the water pipe from bursting and cracking after freezing.

Reverse osmosis system:

If the temperature is too low in winter, it will cause the pipeline to freeze and crack due to freezing. Generally, we advise customers to heat the equipment if necessary. If the temperature of the raw water is very low, the raw water and the house need to be heated, such as Speaking of using stoves or heating, electric heaters can also be used. If the reverse osmosis equipment does not operate in winter, the water in the equipment must be discharged, and the reverse osmosis membrane must be removed and placed in the room (add protective liquid) to prevent damage due to freezing The reverse osmosis membrane causes damage.

If the reverse osmosis equipment is installed indoors, the room temperature must not be lower than 0 degrees. Because the volume of water will expand during the solidification process, if it freezes, it will directly cause all the pipes, filter bottles, and membrane shells of the water purifier to burst. Leaking.

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