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The Main Purpose Of Fluid-bed Granulator

May. 18, 2017

Fuid-bed granulator is composed of mainframes, air processing systems, heating systems, sizing systems, and control systems. At work, the material is added to the hopper of the boiling machine, the procedure and the parameters are set by the process, and the whole machine starts to work. The air is filtered through the air processing system and heated by the heating system. The slurry is fed into the material that is sprayed into the cavity by the slurry processing system, which makes the powder stick and form the particle. After the operation of the programmed procedure and the parameters, the hopper is introduced with the NTF series fixed lifting machine fastening and hoisting the material to effectively control the dust and cross contamination. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. The device has the ability to mix, granulate and dry. 

Fluid-bed Granulator

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