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Fluid Bed Dryer Medium Repair

Jan. 12, 2018

Fluid Bed Dryer is repaired once a year, including the following:

1.Minor repairs content.

2.Repair or replace the seriously worn belt or blade, and adjust the clearance between the rotor and the shell to the allowable range.

3.Clean the main bearing and bearing seat, check its wear and tear, replace it when necessary, add lubricating oil to the bearing.

4.Check the wear degree of the cylinder and replace the worn parts.

5.Check the compressed air pipeline, especially to check the aging of the hose, and change it when necessary.

6.Wash reducer, and check all parts wear.

7.Check the wear of the drive chain and sprocket.

8.Check the wear of the motor bearings and add grease to the it.

Maintenance of China Fluid Bed Dryer is necessary, then can prolong its service life.

China Fluid Bed Dryer

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