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Functional Film Coating Machine Description

Dec. 05, 2017

The real multi-functional Film Coating Machine can complete mixing, drying, granulating, coating, spray drying, pellet making and so on without changing any components in the same equipment. 

Mixing: all fluidized and boiling materials can be evenly mixed in this equipment. Because of the three-dimensional movement of air, the mixing effect is excellent.

Drying: all fluidized bed materials can be dried to the physical possible residual water content.

Granulating: spray adhesive to powder material, which can produce almost any grain range of requirements. 

Coating material: bottom spray system is effective, and the new three layer structure of the nozzle, do film coating for powder and granule, capsule or micro pill and so on.

Canaan is the best Film Coating Machine Supplier in China with high quality.

Film Coating Machine

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