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Difference between planetary mixer and high shear mixer

Jan. 26, 2022

The planetary mixer is one of the most popular tools in the food industry, in addition, it has a variety of applications in other industries such as the pharmaceutical industry and the construction industry. It can be used for intense mixing, dispersion, and kneading. It is also very suitable for products such as adhesives, sealants, light caulks, pastes, granulation, coatings, etc. In fact, it is suitable for many medium to high viscosity products.

High shear mixers disperse or transfer a phase or component, such as a liquid, solid, or gas. This is usually immiscible. It consists of an array of rotors and impellers and a fixed assembly called a stator. This is useful in tanks containing solutions used for mixing purposes. It is more popular in the cosmetics industry and chemical industry.

Difference between planetary mixer and high shear mixer


Planetary mixers

This type of mixer is available in various sizes and with the option of self-aligning bowls, scrapers, manual lifts, hydraulic lifts. The heavy-duty construction of this type allows for the production of newer and tougher compounds. There are several advantages to using a planetary mixer, which homogenizes the opal of the mixed material. It has low wear and requires minimum maintenance. This type of mixer has minimal waste and has a mixing star that rotates on different axes. It is very efficient and only requires one rotation to completely circulate the material.


High Shear Mixer

It is useful for tanks containing the solution to be mixed. It is also used for the piping through which the solution passes and for the purpose of generating shear. High shear mixers can be used to produce emulsions, suspensions, sols and granular products. This type of mixer can be used for adhesives, cosmetics, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. They are also used in the plastics industry for emulsification, homogenization, and dispersion.

Difference between planetary mixer and high shear mixer


The main features of high shear machines include the rotor diameter and the rotational distance between the rotor and the stator as well as the time in the mixer. There can be different numbers of tooth rows and their angles can be different. The main applications of the machine include the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics and toiletries industry.


Applications of planetary mixers

Planetary mixers have many applications, for example in bakeries. This is the bakery planetary mixer. As this is especially suitable for bakeries, it is also known as cake mixer, cream mixer and dough mixer.

The way this machine works is that it allows a unique movement around its shaft and around the entire circumference of the appliance. The appliance can consist of dough and other baking ingredients. Since this motion is similar to the motion of the planets, it is called a planetary mixer. This type of machine has several applications and therefore can be found in several small bakeries and pastry stores.

With this type of machine, there is the flexibility to change appliances and use them for different applications. For example, it can be used for dough hooks, beaters, mixing paddles, etc.

Using this type of machine in a bakery has many advantages because it makes the mixing process more accurate. The taste of the product depends a lot on the quality of the mix. Therefore, the better the fluffiness and the correct use of ingredients, the better the taste.

This type of machine is less noisy and has less vibration. In addition to this, it has low energy consumption and is therefore more economical. It allows multiple speed variations and has multiple safety options. There is little possibility of accident or injury to the operator. It is easy to maintain and therefore hygienic and therefore meets food safety standards. In addition to this, such a machine is compact, durable and sturdy which makes it the best choice for small bakeries.

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