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How to Clean Automatic Capsule Filling Machine?

Jul. 09, 2020

As a China Pharmaceutical Equipment Manufacturer, share with you. The automatic capsule filling machine has a beautiful appearance, fine craftsmanship, simple operation and convenient use. It can automatically reject defective capsules, recover and reuse the medicines in the defective capsules, and increase economic benefits.

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

After we use Automatic Capsule Filling Machine, how do we clean the automatic capsule filling machine? The following briefly introduces the cleaning method:

(1) Cleaning agents and disinfectants: drinking water, purified water, 75% ethanol.

(2) Cleaning tools: clean non-silk cloth, vacuum cleaner, brush, cleaning basin, etc.

(3) Frequency of cleaning: ①After the end of each batch of production; ②After the end of each shift of continuous production; ③Cleaning and disinfection before and after production; ④It must be cleaned when changing varieties, specifications and batch numbers; ⑤It must be thorough after equipment maintenance clean and disinfect.

(4) Cleaning method: in the order of dismantling and washing, inner and outer, zero and whole:

1) Cleaning steps for the production of the same variety: ① Use a vacuum cleaner and then a soft brush to clean the residual powder in the powder filling device module; ② Remove the powder punch, metering disk, powder hopper, take it to the cleaning room, and rinse it with drinking water Once again, rinse with purified water and wipe dry with a dry rag. Wipe and disinfect with a cloth moistened with 75% ethanol; ③ Clean the parts of the equipment that are in direct contact with the drug with purified water, dry it with a dry cloth, wipe and disinfect with a cloth moistened with 75% ethanol; ④Glass cover and The surface of the equipment is scrubbed with purified water; ⑤ Clean the site, after passing the inspection, hang the “cleaned” status sign; ⑥ Fill in the cleaning record.

2) The cleaning procedure for replacing the variety: In addition to the cleaning procedure for producing the same variety, the following work should also be done: ① Remove the capsule bucket and capsule funnel, take it to the cleaning room, rinse it with purified water, and then dry it with a dry rag After Z, wipe and disinfect with a rag dipped in 75% ethanol; ②Wipe the movable support of the cam disc with a rag, then scrub it with purified water, and then dry it with a dry rag; after Z, wipe and disinfect with a rag dipped in 75% ethanol.

(5) Evaluation of cleaning effect: the overall appearance is smooth. Wipe all parts of the equipment with a clean white rag, no stains, stains, or traces of residues on the rag.

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