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Four Cautions For The Operation of Blending Series

Oct. 13, 2017

What should be noticed in the operation of Blending Series? We Canaan Company, Blending Series Manufacturer will introduce four cautions should pay attention. 

1.Spindle bearings, V-belt pulley and other rotating parts running is normal, if there is abnormal noise or vibration, stop immediately for inspection. For damaged parts should be replaced  or repair immediately.

2.Equipment feeding shall not exceed the maximum loading factor. When the equipment is running, such as adding plasticizers should be slowly added, otherwise will cause partial material caking, resulting in sudden increase in load, damage the equipment. 

3.The motor should be running smoothly, no abnormal sound, often check whether the temperature rise is normal or not.

4.When you change the color of the material machine, you must clean the mixing container and discharge parts.

Blending Series

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