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Bin Washing Station for pharmaceutical machinery

Dec. 13, 2021


This machine is mainly used for automatic washing and drying of containers in the production process of solid formulations in pharmaceutical industry. The double chamber hopper washing machine can meet the washing and drying requirements of different sizes of mixing hoppers or conveying hoppers. It is the ideal machine for automatic cleaning and drying of large batch containers in pharmaceutical plants. It is also widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.




The machine is composed of front-end conveying line, cleaning room, drying room, end conveying line, pump station, air treatment unit, electric cabinet, operation box, etc. The conveying, cleaning, drying and cooling of hopper are done automatically according to the requirements. System setting. The automatic program can realize multi-station continuous work. When working, the hopper is manually pushed to the front conveying line. After the hopper passes through the automatic conveying line, cleaning and drying are completed. After cooling in the end conveyor line, the hopper is manually removed to the intermediate station and stored there for future production. 



This machine integrates cleaning, drying and automatic conveying in one, which is an intelligent machine with electromechanical integration developed by our company according to the actual situation in China and absorbing and digesting the international advanced technology. Cleaning is finished in one cavity and drying in the other cavity. The two chambers can work at the same time and the machine has high efficiency. Adopt special drying chamber, reduce the temperature fluctuation during operation, significantly improve the drying efficiency and reduce energy consumption. The machine optimizes the production process, improves the production efficiency, and fully meets the requirements of GMP drug production.


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