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Bin Blenders in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Why it Matters?

Oct. 21, 2021

The right industrial blender or blending bin has high product quality and enhanced quality control, while keeping production costs to a minimum. They are mainly used in the food industry, chemical industry and other industries. They play a pivotal role in the production of industrial and consumer goods (e.g. food, pharmaceuticals, etc.). Drum blenders are the most popular as the machine usually handles the production of tablets and capsules.

Bin Blenders


Standard functions 


The right hopper blenders should produce an excellent mixture of powders or granules. Unlike older versions of mixers such as cubic blenders, biconicals and V-blenders, hopper blenders are designed so that you can remove the container after the mixing process is complete.

The container is then transported to the next operating process without discharging the contents into another container. Essentially, this additional feature complicates the granulation line by eliminating the need for additional transport containers. It also reduces contact between the operator and the machine, thus avoiding potential injuries. The entire process is controlled by a PLC system that rotates at a preset time and speed.


Anti-fouling and dustproof

The charging hole is covered at the top to support quick opening and closing. The joints are dust-proof and free from particle transfer. The ideal bin blender is dust-free.



The bin blender should be flexible, as you should be able to switch container sizes so that it can distribute production batches of different sizes in a single unit. The ability of the bunker to handle more than one container size is an added advantage.


The importance of blenders

Hopper blenders or industrial blenders are the most common equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry for mixing granular drugs and solid powders. Thanks to its high mixing homogeneity and mobile hopper, it effectively facilitates excellent mixing, unloading and cleaning. Hopper blenders can be organically linked together to overcome dust and cross-contamination due to the transfer of separated materials. The mixing series is sufficient to meet various, high-volume mixing needs.

Pharmaceutical drum blenders or industrial blenders are easy to maintain, reliable and of excellent construction. They meet all the technical requirements of the necessary systems, including pharmaceutical program operating systems, safety protection stop systems, automatic and accurate alignment systems, process parameter setting systems and automatic record printing systems.

The technical capabilities make it easy to automate the production and operation of the blenders. In addition, the bin blender is reliable and safe to operate thanks to proportional position sensors. It is also easy to clean.


When making your selection, we recommend that you choose a hopper blender that can adapt to a variety of material processing environments. The performance of a box blender should be top-notch, as it should handle more than one size of bulk container.

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