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Bin Blender Minor Repairs

Jan. 08, 2018

Bin Blender should process minor repairs every six months, including the follows:

1.Check whether the wire connection in the motor junction box is loose or not?

2.Clean up the remaining material that attached to the inner wall of the China Bin Blender and the inner wall of the buffer bucket.

3.Clean up the oil and water separation triplet, ensure the unimpeded air road.

4.Check the wear of each pin shaft of the connecting rod mechanism, replace the serious wear pin shaft, so as to ensure the reliability and stability of the connecting rod mechanism.

5.Replace the unloading door seal, check the reliability of the switch threshold stroke, and adjust its position, to ensure the sealing of the discharge door.

6.Check the tightness of the drive chain, the tightening of the motor seat, adjust the chain tensioner wheel or the motor base, to keep the chain suitable for the tensioning.

7.Replace the lubricating grease of the reducer.

Bin Blender

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