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What Are the Features of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine?

Aug. 14, 2018

1. Automatic Capsule Filling Machine China has small volume, low energy consumption, simple tool replacement, easy operation, easy cleaning;

2. Automatic Capsule Filling Machine standardization, serialization: manufacturing parts can be interchangeable, replacing the mold convenient and accurate.

3. Automatic capsule filling machine adopts high-precision divider, with small vibration, limit movement noise less than 70 dB, dose difference controlled within (+) 3%, and the probability of domestic capsule is higher than 99.5%.

4. The electric components of automatic capsule filling machine adopt famous brands such as German Siemens and Japanese Omron, and the control system is safe and reliable.

5. The platform of automatic capsule filling machine adopts 45_plating hard chromium on the surface of plate class, which is not easy to deform, prevent rusting and improve hardness; the parts directly contacted with powder adopt 304, 316 high quality stainless steel class, which fully meets the requirements of GMP specification of pharmaceutical factory.

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine China

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