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Applications of High Shear Mixers

Feb. 28, 2022

High shear mixers can be seen from all markets needing components to be combined. Below are applications of high shear mixers.


Drugs as well as Cosmetics

Like in the food industry, pharmaceuticals handle different kinds of mixes. Inline high shear mixers are utilized because of its closed system removing any type of breach of contaminants. All pharmaceutical products such as tablets, syrups, suspensions, shot options, lotions, gels, and lotions undergo a high shear mixer, every one of which have varying thickness as well as bit size.

Applications of High Shear Mixers


Food Manufacturing

There is a wide range of high shear mixer applications under this group. High shear mixers utilized in the food market can develop emulsions, suspensions, powders, and also granules. A prominent application is the manufacture of sauces, dressings, and pastes. A lot of the components are composed of solid particles, as well as immiscible liquids such as oil and also water.

Some components are more difficult to refine such as catsups, mayonnaise, and doughs. These liquids as well as semi-solids have viscoelastic residential or commercial properties which call for a minimal pressure before producing circulation. This needs specialized rotor-stator blending heads.


Inks and Toners Manufacture

Thickness of inks (printer) is the reverse of paints. Inks are considered rheopectic. Rheopectic liquids thicken as it is being sheared, making the mixing process time reliant.


Paints and also Coatings

Paints (latex) are known to be a non-Newtonian, thixotropic liquid. This makes paints difficult to process. Paint thins as it is being sheared, either by processing or by end-use. Mixing time for these liquids are thoroughly managed to stop over shearing.

Applications of High Shear Mixers



Applications under this classification consist of integrating resins and solvents for casting or shot molding, modifying oil thickness, emulsifying waxes, asphalt manufacturing, and so forth.

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