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Application of Capsule Filling Machine

Oct. 21, 2022

Capsules are solid dosage forms primarily intended for oral administration that are made by putting medication powders and the appropriate excipients into empty capsule shells. The capsule’s outer shell can cover up unpleasant flavors or odors while also shielding the contents from outside dampness.

Application of Capsule Filling Machine

Automatic capsule filling machine


There are two categories of capsules:

Soft capsules: A liquid or semi-solid interior is enclosed by an outer, solid shell (softgel or soft gelatin capsule) (inner fill). Active substances may be included in both the outer shell and the inner fill. They are an oral dosage form for medication, much as capsules. Softgel shells are made of gelatin, water, an opacifier (such glycerin or sorbitol), and a plasticizer.

And a specific type of capsule called a hard gelatin capsule is frequently used to retain medications that are in the form of dry powder. Oral medications include tablets and hard gelatin capsules with powder within. Powders and granules are typically put within firm gelatin capsules.


What is a capsule filling machine?

A particular kind of equipment called a capsule filler is used to fill empty capsules with pharmaceutical substances. Pharmaceutical manufacture employs commercial capsule fillers on a big scale and with excellent efficiency.

In the pharmaceutical industries, capsule filling machines are frequently used to fill empty soft or hard gelatin capsules of various sizes with powders, granules, substances containing active pharmaceutical ingredients(APIs) or a combination of active drug ingredients and excipients. Encapsulation describes the process of adding chemicals to empty capsules.


The Operation of a Machine for Filling Capsules

Every machine has a unique way of operating. The capsule filling machine operates in the manner described below, step by step.

1. the placement of transparent and colorless capsules in the capsule filling tray.

2. separating the capsule bodies from their caps.

3. filling the body of the capsule with medicinal components

4. Rearrange the bodies and caps.

5. Filled capsules are released from the device.

All varieties of capsule filling machines, sometimes referred to as encapsulaters, share the same operating principle.


Types of capsule filling machine

There are 3 types of capsule filling machine:

1.automatic capsule filling machine

2.semi-automatic capsule filling machine

3.non automatic capsule filling machine / Manual capsule filling machine


A manual capsule filling machine is employed mostly on an individual basis and can be utilized in industries where a precise amount of ingredients must be added to a capsule.

capsules can be produced by a hand-operated capsule filler in a single pressing. These capsule filling devices have loading trays with hole capacity. The machine itself also has a powder tray attached to it. The pin plate serves as both a machine filter and a sealing plate to secure the capsule caps. The machine is coupled to a cam handle that typically has a loading tray with holes. A manual capsule filling machine is capable of providing high-quality results when combined with the good features stated above.


Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machines

A device that combines both automatic and manual capsule filling methods is the semi-automatic capsule filling machine.

Less operator interaction is required by the semi-automatic machines. Equipment should meet the hygienic standards required in the pharmaceutical sector because of the way it is designed. Its good structure and low maintenance requirements make it a long-lasting piece of machinery.

The construction of minor parts with stainless steel and non-corrosive tested materials minimizes contamination and makes it simple to clean them up after use, making the capsule fillers suitable for filling up powders and granular materials in the pharmaceutical sectors.


Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Pharmaceutical powders can be directly filled into capsules by an automatic capsule filling machine without the need for a person. Pharmaceutical companies produce capsules on a massive scale using automatic filters. These capsule-making devices may include any form of powder or fine particle into the capsule’s body. By adding further components like an online capsule polishing machine, dust extractor, damage capsule sorter, and empty capsule ejector, an automatic encapsulator can also function as a full system.



The pharmaceutical industry requires a capsule filling machine to produce capsules at high rates in a clean environment. The thorough justification and the above mentioned considerations demonstrate the reliability of capsule filling machines as production equipment.

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