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Characteristics of Roller Compactor

Mar. 19, 2018

Compared with the traditional machines, the Hot Sale Roller Compactor can make powder raw material directly into granulated products. That granule size is uniform after granulation, and the packing density increased significantly.

Not only control the pollution, reduced the area, but also reduce the power consumption.

Specific performance in:

(1) the equipment is equipped with particle device and power device,which to be isolated and installed in space to avoid cross-contamination;

(2) all contact parts of the material are convenient to be removed and cleaned, reducing the possibility of pollution;

(3) the unique extravagance system makes the material density even;

(4) two-stage sieve pelleting system to ensure that the required particles are produced;

(5) the equipment adopts a visual design to facilitate observation and maintenance.

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Hot Sale Roller Compactor

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