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Safety comes first! Ex-proof in Solid Dosage Production

Apr. 12, 2022

Safety comes first! Ex-proof in Solid Dosage Production

    Pharmaceutical equipment with standard ex-proof technology is important for the safety production of pharmaceutical company.

  1. Ex-proof Design Path of Canaan  

    Canaan has formulated the Product Ex-proof Standard (JN/J10201), which is based on years practices and technical accumulation of pharmaceutica equipment, combined with the international standards of IEC60079 and GB3836, to provide customers with equipment that meet ex-proof requirement and standardization support. 

    And Canaan is the only pharmaceutical equipment manufaturer that has obtained the ATEX certificate in China. 


    Ex-proof design path of Canaan:

    Distinguish explosive substances → divide dangerous area → ex-proof design of mechanical and electrical structure→ select materials and components strictly → standardize equipment installation


Pic--Explosion proof logic diagram

  2. Distinguish Explosive Substances  

    For the design of explosion-proof equipment, explosive substances should be distinguished first, below tables show the explosive gas and dust group. 


Table--Explosion Gas Group


Table-Explosion Dust Group

  3.Divide Dangerous Area  

    For the safety and economic requirements of ex-proof design plan, it need to divide the explosive area, and output a comprehensive ex-proof zoning map (internal and external areas of equipment).    

    The explosive dangerous areas are mainly divided according to the frequency and duration of explosive hazardous substances, and two types of hazardous area in different states are divided into three zones, namely, zone 0, zone 1 and zone 2 for explosive gas environment; the combustible dust environment is Zone 20, Zone 21 and Zone 22.


The above areas all refer to the normal start-up, operation and stop of equipment in the area, the loading and unloading of flammable products, the opening and closing of closed container covers, and the state in which safety valves, discharge valves and all factory equipment work within their design parameters.

Table-Dangerous Area Division

 ▊ the partition of Fluid-bed for reference:  


  4. Select Materials and Components Strictly  

    According to the ex-proof zoning map combined with relevant national ex-proof design, fully output the equipment ex-proof configuration, including select the components with equipment protection level (EPL).


Table-Zone Comparison of Ex-proof mode Components 

    Take the selected type of Fluid-bed component as an example. Component that selected is according to where it locates, for example, filter bag chamber and material chamber are in the compound ex-proof area, and the components to be selected should be double authenticated.

Safety comes first! Ex-proof in Solid Dosage Production

Table-Fluid-bed Components Selection Example

  5. Ex-proof Design for Mechanical Structure  

    The ex-proof design of mechanical structure can effectively improve the overall safety performance of equipment, which can be carried out in three forms: stuffy explosion, venting explosion and explosion suppression. From venting explosion to stuffy explosion, Canaan has a variety of solutions to meet user’s needs. Canaan can provide ex-proof equipment of 2 bar, 10 bar, 12 bar....


Pic-12 Bar Stuffy explosion Fluid bed

  6. Standardize Equipment Installation  

    Standardized installation mode of equipment shall be strictly carried out to avoid the failure of ex-proof protection of ex-proof components. The technical points, such as the selection of cables and electrostatic grounding design are indispensable parts for ex-proof.

  7.  Ex-proof Design Cases of Canaan Equipment  

    By constantly developing and innovating Canaan’s own ex-proof system, its fluid-bed series equipment has passed the ex-proof ATEX certification; and its ex-proof equipment can be used in the production process of explosives.


Pic-Stuffy Explosion Granulation Line

▍Canaan will follow the corporate values of “loving users and creating value for users”, constantly sum up practical experience, strive to solve the problems restricting the safe production of pharmaceutical companies, and provide customers with more safe and reliable equipment. ▍

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