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Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Is More Intelligent

Aug. 12, 2017

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is more intelligent.

It is adjusted by hand to knob type fine adjustment mechanism, which is easy to adjust, disassemble and clean. Import metering plate is embedded in the bottom sealing device, improving the leakage of powder, under the bracket is the only imported aviation aluminum passivation, no static, non stick powder, easy cleaning, improved structure.

Ash scraper: It changes the traditional flat ash scraper, which makes the metering disc each station and the other end hole position, increases the amount of precision powder.

The man-machine interface configuration intelligent module adopts customized software, the monitoring function is complete, and the automatic diagnosis and monitoring and automatic alarm stop are realized for the running faults such as missing material, missing bag, material block and mechanical fault. The production date, production time, real-time measurement of each particle and cumulative output are prepared without error.

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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