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Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Improves The Safety of Products and Machines

Aug. 05, 2017

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine avoids cross contamination and saves energy. Redesigned capsule finishes product discharging mechanism, eliminating air compressor, thereby reducing the size and noise of the whole machine, to avoid cross contamination and discharging pressure caused by fault motion, and achieves remarkable energy-saving effect. Adjusting the dosage of disc space is convenient, only set the core gear the shaft angle, which drives the drive gear, the 5 supporting bolts at the same time are increased or decreased, in view of Chinese and Western characteristics of different operation pressure filling required, which increases the size of the cam, the cam surface by nitrogen flower processing, increases the surface hardness, ensures the service life and operation reliability of the equipment.

We have a series of Pharmaceutical Machinery, for example, good quality automatic capsule filling machine.

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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