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The Development of Chinese Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry

Jul. 29, 2017

At the end of "85", China has developed eight raw materials for the production of machinery and equipment, medicine preparation equipment such as more than 1100 varieties and specifications of pharmaceutical equipment, with the beginning of 1980s above the international level products dominate, some products accord international advanced level, the products can not only meet more than 5000 in the western medicine factory, more than 1000 animal pharmaceutical and health care products factory needs, but also they are exported to the United States and Japan in dozens of countries and regions. At this point, China's Pharmaceutical Equipment Exporter products varieties, specifications, its production has been ranked first in the world, becoming a veritable country of pharmaceutical equipment. But in quality and technology, compared with the international advanced countries and regions, the gap is still great.

At present, the number of China's production of Pharmaceutical Equipment enterprises has grown to more than 800, produce more than 3000 kinds of product specifications, according to incomplete statistics, the annual output value is about 15 billion yuan, in addition to fully meet the domestic and Western pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical and animal health products factory needs, and the machines are exported to more than 60 countries and regions.

Pharmaceutical Equipment

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