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The Advantages of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine in The Production Process

Jul. 28, 2017

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine powder collector can be configured according to user needs, which can effectively recover the loss of materials 85% to 90%, improve the economic benefits of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Filling machine function is complete, it has hopper no bee alarm when empty capsule is not enough and automatically shut down. According to user requirements to install pellets, granules, tablet filling function to meet the three kinds of materials to meet the sustained release, controlled release and tablet drugs in the same capsule in the demand. The bottom of the embedded seal devices to improve the leakage of powder, reducing the wear and tear of the parts, which is more convenient to clean, the dose plate around the block is very effective to the dose plate under the plane throwing the powder through the pipeline recycling, while reducing the work countertop dust.

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

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