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The Advantage of Fluid Bed Dryer

Jun. 23, 2017

Fluid Bed Dryer is ideal choice of removing the surface moisture and the combined moisture content of the powder, crystalline or granular material.

It has excellent thermal efficiency.

It can handle a lot of materials and a variety of particle size and material adhesion.

Its ability is quickly replacing, downtime and maintenance requirements is minimal and is particularly useful for health applications.

Save energy, system integrated convenience

Piston flow is particularly suitable for products requiring longer residence times and relatively stringent moisture specifications.

Can be used as an elutreter or used to avoid entrainment too much material

Suitable for adjusting elasticity

It can provide high inlet temperature for non-heat sensitive products, which can reduce capital and operating costs.

China Fluid Bed Dryer reduces airflow and equipment size, improves costs, emissions and energy consumption.

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