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What Is Pharma Lifter Between Floors?

Jun. 02, 2017

Pharma Lifter Between Floors is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry in the solid material (bulk, bags, barrels can) the upper and lower transport, effectively reducing the dust and cross pollution, reduce labor intensity. Fully meet the GMP (requirements of pharmaceutical production in China), is the ideal material handling equipment. At the same time it is used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries widely.

Pharma Lifter Between Floors is mainly constituted of the column, the lifting platform system, the control system and so on. When working, the material is sent into the lifting platform, then the safety guard rail is closed, the lifting lever on the control panel is activated, the material is lifted in place. To enhance the platform to stop moving, open the security barrier, complete the material layer between the upper and lower

Pharma Lifter Between Floors

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