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The Characteristic of Our Fluid Bed Multi Processor

May. 31, 2017

Our fluid bed multi processors have their new characteristic:

Mixing: As for fluidized materials, they can be homogeneously mixed in the equipment such as powders, granules, pellets, etc. The mixing effect is excellent due to the three-dimensional movement of the air (horizontal, ray and tangential direction).

Granulation: Spraying adhesive to powder materials, can produce a variety of particle range of products.

Coating: A very effective material bedside spray system, and a new three-layer structure of the nozzle, can coat the powder, particles or pellets.

Hot melt coating: It can coat hot melt materials, such as hot wax for the powder, particles and pellets.

Spray Drying: Spray the suspension onto the powder.

Cooling: Drive the dry air to make the material be fluidized boiling to achieve the purpose of cooling products.

 Fluid Bed Multi Processor

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