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Why We Pharmaceutical Equipment Users Understand GMP?

May. 23, 2017

As the engineering and technical personnel and production management personnel of the pharmaceutical industry, it is necessary to understand the manufacturing process of the pharmaceutical preparation and the production management method in accordance with the GMP requirements,and the production of qualified drugs is inseparable from the GMP requirements of the pharmaceutical equipment.Only to fully understand and master the GMP on the basic requirements of pharmaceutical equipment and management,so that we can do the equipment selection, operation,maintenance,maintenance and so on successfully.And only being good at the key link from the equipment to find its production process in the impact of product quality factors we can improve the equipment management to prevent pollution.The meaning can be seen that the prevention and control of pollution in the production of pharmaceutical equipment include:

(1)It is the basis for ensuring product quality;

(2)It is the function that the equipment is perfect;

(3)It is the GMP requirements for pharmaceutical equipment;

(4)Ensure GMP certification and acceptance of national GMP certification can provide a guarantee;

(5)It is the choice of equipment,management basis;

(6)It is the guarantee to improve the quality of equipment and smooth protection; 

(7)It is the direction of equipment transformation and update.

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