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  • FZ Series Fluid-bed Granulator
  • FZ Series Fluid-bed Granulator
FZ Series Fluid-bed Granulator

FZ Series Fluid-bed Granulator


    Fluid Bed Granulator

    FZ Fluid Bed Granulator, one of the commonly used equipments in solid preparation production, is widely

    used in pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries. This Fluid Bed Granulator has functions of mixing, granulating and drying.

    What is fluidized bed granulator

    Fluidized bed granulator is one of the commonly used processing equipment in the pharmaceutical industries. It is a multi-purpose equipment in that mixing, granulation and drying are all carried out in the same equipment. The equipment operates in a bubbling bed regime.

    Feature of Fluid Bed Granulator

    1. Follow the regulations of c GMP, PIC/S GMP,

    2. FDA PID precision control

    3. Double shaking filter bags

    4. High processing efficiency

    5. Ex-proof system available

    6. WIP systems

    Advantage of Fluid Bed Granulator

    1.Follow the regulations of c GMP, PIC/S GMP, FDA

    2.PID precision control

    3.Double shaking filter bags

    4.High processing efficiency

    5.Ex-proof system available

    6.WIP systems

    About Cannan 

    As a great supplier of pharmaceutical equipment in China, Canaan can provide customers with an entire line of solid preparation and solutions for extracting and concentrating traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and plant. Meanwhile, it collaborates with Tongji University to establish an advanced "industrial 4.0---intelligent laboratory". 

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FZ Series Fluid-bed Granulator

Main Technical Parameter

FZ Series Fluid-bed Granulator

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