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Carry out “after-sales service system” Training and Implement the “one-stop whole-course worry-free” Service Spirit

Aug. 10, 2019

Carry out “after-sales service system” Training and Implement the “one-stop whole-course worry-free” Service Spirit

In order to further standardize after-sales service management and enhance the company's after-sales service capabilities, Canaan Technology Headquarters organized the training of after-sales service system (GBT27922). Domestic Marketing Director Hurricane Root, Engineering Service Manager Jiang Qunming, Quality Manager Xu Zeping Company's middle and high-level backbone and other related personnel participated in the training. The training lecturer was Li Yanqi, a system engineer from the General Manager.

The training mainly includes introduction and construction of brand and service system, improvement of service diagnosis, service brand culture, crisis of complaints, crisis public relations and laws and regulations. The whole training is profound and simple. From the economic situation to the development of the enterprise, the "future service will become a new growth point of corporate profits" has been highlighted. During the training, they also shared many excellent service cases, especially the benchmark of “German brand culture” in the industrial machinery manufacturing countries, which impressed the students.

Through training, everyone has a better understanding of the company's origin, policy, philosophy, objectives and architectural model of the comprehensive after-sales service system, and how to improve the service system, the three principles of PAO analysis, corporate pathology, and 20 cases of service. I have learned a lot of questions. In the complaints and crisis management process, everyone agreed that the complaints should promote the company. In the face of customer complaints, we should respond calmly and calmly, think about the problems from the customer's point of view and provide them with satisfactory solutions.

As an Entire Line Protocol Supplier, the importance and necessity of the after-sales service system in the enterprise management system is self-evident. Participants in the training have expressed that through this study, they have gained more understanding of after-sales service and deeply realized the important role of the “altruism” in the future development of enterprises and individuals. In the future, we will continue to apply the concepts and methods of the after-sales service system to practical work to create value for our customers.

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